About Us

IMB is a new video platform dedicated to culture and to promote independents productions.
We offer a digital space, for young artist, creator, film maker and independent producer, but we also propose to relive old masterpiece of our heritage.
Documentary, classical music, fiction, jazz and world music, dance, we support all forms of creation.


Easy, flexible and powerful video streaming

IMB provides an easy, flexible live video broadcasting and streaming platform. Use your smart phone, webcam or DV camera and deliver to your viewers on a multitude of devices. You can also upload your existing videos to get them prepared for mobile and desktop viewing.
Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, our platform is flexible enough to fulfill your needs.

Mobile broadcasting

IMB offers one of the easiest and most reliable services to broadcast low latency, interactive live video content from mobile devices.
IMB’s live video streaming technology works over any 3G, LTE or WiFi connection and the proprietary streaming protocol optimizes the stream to ensure a continuous low latency.

Powerful and ad-free player

Bring your events live through our powerful and ad-free video player. The player works seamlessly on most devices and switches automatically to Flash on PCs, HLS on Android and iPhone. We also serve several different resolutions of the video in order to optimize the experience for each user.
Our scalable infrastructure ensures that you are able to reach an audience of any size, anywhere in the world. Your live stream is also recorded and stored in the cloud, providing instant on-demand playback capabilities when the stream is over.

Pro Broadcasting

Create a full-scale, multi-camera production using compatible applications such as Wirecast, Flash Media Live Encoder, VidBlaster and many more. Through our scalable platform, you will be able to instantly distribute your live production across the web and ensure a robust experience no matter where your audience is watching or what device they are using.

Broadcast live on Facebook

Share your Broadcasts directly to Facebook and let your followers watch your content in-line in their news feed.
Of course, you can also share your broadcasts on your site, Twitter, Tumblr and many other social networks and platforms. No matter where your viewers are, we make sure to deliver a great viewing experience.

Content control

Control and restrict access to your content with our publishing tools. Make your content visible to everyone by allowing it to be published on IMB, or unlist it from public exposure and embed on your own websites or in your apps.
Restrict sharing and access even further by enabling domain restrictions for your embedded players.

Custom branding

Strengthen the visibility of your brand and profile your content by using your own logo in the video player. Modify the feature set of the player to fit your needs and support your content strategy.


Our comprehensive statistics tool provides detailed access to viewing behavior including mobile views, live views, demographics and viewing time. You can also track where your player is embedded. If you have a Google Analytics account you can add your tracking ID, which will allow you to view visitor statistics for your broadcasts through the account.